• Enniskillen Shop

    Shop in EnniskillenPaul Tierney Architectural Photographer

  • Shop Facade of Yellow Cabs Taxi Cork

    Cork Taxi Yellow Cab

    Shop Facade of Yellow Cabs Taxi Cork

  • shop on dorset street

    Family Shop

    The family shop on Dorset street, The shop keeper can be seen on the top upper left of the picture, behind the largest row of sweets, the photograph is taken from the front entrance of the shop.

  • The A Team Crumlin

    The A Team in Crumlin Village continues the theme of shops and reflections, The Architecture of the facade is similar to the Architecture of the other shops photographed as part of the series. The Facade is grid like, aluminum mulliums with powder coated aluminium infill panels.

    The shop contents are cool, the embedded photographs shows some details: The first one for the boys, tractors, tractors, guns and guns,

    The second, for the girls, “gaby, get real girl ” soccer action figure for girls.

    Shop in CrumlinDetail of shop in crumlin

    Architectural Detail of Shop in Crumlin

  • All Cash Gold

    All Cash Gold

    All Cash Gold, In on Parnell street, Again the Aluminium Mullions provide a framing composition to a mudane scene, AS with the other images in this series the image can be seen as a series of spatial planes. Almost like a theatre set, a frons scenae, the main plane is that of the glass. The interior of the shop is seen throught this plane and is mediated by the reflections in the glass. This is a quintessentially photographic way of seeing architecture. The lens used is a simple tilt and shift, the camera is lined up with one of the mullions and this conceals the photographer without resorting to photoshop. It also gives the image that flat look at matches all the other images in this series of photographs.

  • Roma in Drumcondra

    Super Chip

    This is Roma Chip shop in Drumcondra, It is an Architectural Study of order, Chaos, and of course chips. The facade is unified by a grid pattern that is reflected in a hierarchy of small shapes. The study shows the ambiguity of the picture plane, the facade is the main plane in the image, the interior of the shop recedes behind that , the part of the picture plane that is in front of the shop is seen in reflection. The picture itself is a reflection of the camera obscura itself.  And for course the chips were sublime!

    Roma Chip Shop in Drumcondra

    Architectural Study of order Chaos and Chips

    Roma Chip Shop in Drumcondra

    Architectural Study of order Chaos and Chips

  • Jas Fagan Gentlemans Outfitter, Thomas Street, Liberties Dublin

    Jas Fagan’s

    Ah, Jas Fagan’s Thomas Street, for your communion attire. This was taken last year

  • Flowers for all occasions

    Petals in the Coombe

    Petals in the Coombe follow on in that series of images looking at reflective spaces. HTe image is made up of a gird of the facade , the facade is intersected by the mullions, advertising, roller shutter bars. The part i like most is a mirrored edge  that covers one of the mulliions. IN the window tthere are lotto signs, teddy bears with ” born in the Coombe” , plastic flowers. Retail Heaven!


  • Architectural Facade of Barts Cabra

    Bart’s Cabra

    This continues the theme of shops with regular facades. Bart’s Pet shop in Cabra . The facade is divided into a regular pattern of tiles , aluminum sections . The tiling pattern reflects the overall geometry of the facade. In the details below you can see the contents of the shop, pet correctors, Dora, Nemo, signs for “live food, 5 euro”, specialist books ” your Bulldog”. The curious mix of order and chaos is a nice counterpoint in the image.Architectural Facade of Barts CabraArchitectural Facade of Barts Cabra

  • Lesson Bookmakers

    The Bookies

    This is from a series on shops with regular facades, The facades show divide that picture plain into a regular grid. The grid in a way provides a useful method of presenting the them of business and commercial. The documentary works at a number of level, it records daily lift: bets, G.A.A. lotto. IT also records the culture of commerce which dominates media and society at present. Dagaons Den, The Apprentice and other programs are popular view, there is a mantra of  ” we all have to be entrepreneurial” . On a purely photographic level they function as visual entertainment.


    Lesson Bookmakers

  • Booze to Go

    Jim Quigley, Booze to Go , Amiens street, Dublin. A utilitarian Splendor.Booze to Go

  • Vine Tree

    The Vine tree