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Architectural Archive photography project in Irish Times

In surprise to be included in The Irish Times weekend section.
The project documents Dublin shops, it catalogues shops that are constructed with tiled fronts and aluminum box sections.

This exhibition is for anyone who has enjoyed window shopping, loves looking and wants to see the world of the local shop. From internet services to laundry bags, lost dogs, cameras, all life is on show in these windows. If music is entertainment for the ears, photography is entertainment for the eyes. These photographs are colorful documents of the retail world.

Shop windows bring us into the life of the shopkeeper. There are “fancy goods”, “sale prices”, “bargains galore” . These pictures show laundries, newsagents, specialist shops, novelty shops, internet shops, shops, shops, shops all as a celebration of commerce.

As Frank McDonald says in the article its “more Meath street than Malahide”.

The exhibition continues until the 25th of April 2014.



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