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Architectural Archive photography project in Irish Times

In surprise to be included in The Irish Times weekend section. The project documents Dublin shops, it catalogues shops that are constructed with tiled fronts and aluminum box sections. This exhibition is for anyone who has enjoyed window shopping, loves looking and wants to see the world of the local shop. From internet services to laundry bags, ...
shop on dorset street

Family Shop

The family shop on Dorset street, The shop keeper can be seen on the top upper left of the picture, behind the largest row of sweets, the photograph is taken from the front entrance of the shop.
All Cash Gold

All Cash Gold

All Cash Gold, In on Parnell street, Again the Aluminium Mullions provide a framing composition to a mudane scene, AS with the other images in this series the image can be seen as a series of spatial planes. Almost like a theatre set, a frons scenae, the main plane is that of the glass. The ...
Flowers for all occasions

Petals in the Coombe

Petals in the Coombe follow on in that series of images looking at reflective spaces. HTe image is made up of a gird of the facade , the facade is intersected by the mullions, advertising, roller shutter bars. The part i like most is a mirrored edge  that covers one of the mulliions. IN the ...
Architectural Facade of Barts Cabra

Bart’s Cabra

This continues the theme of shops with regular facades. Bart's Pet shop in Cabra . The facade is divided into a regular pattern of tiles , aluminum sections . The tiling pattern reflects the overall geometry of the facade. In the details below you can see the contents of the shop, pet correctors, Dora, Nemo, ...
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