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Retail Shops No. II at IARC

There will be an exhibition of new photographs at The Irish Architectural Archive starting on the 12th of March 2014. The exhibition continues on the theme of shop facades , showing all the interesting items for sale and the services provide. The shops themselves are of a particular type that have a very geometric ...

Liberty Hall

Liberty Hall, I can see the Frank Lloyd wright influence: Des Rea O'Kelly had said that he was influenced by the design of the Johnson Wax tower.  

Architectural Photography Talk

Darc Space 26th of January 2012, Darc Space are organising a talk about Architectural Photography with a few photographers, Alice Clancy, Ros Kavanagh ( and myself), lunch is included for those who attend. As far as i know there are RIAI CPD points available for attending. A snipett of info here: The popular Thursday Lunch series of ...

The A Team Crumlin

The A Team in Crumlin Village continues the theme of shops and reflections, The Architecture of the facade is similar to the Architecture of the other shops photographed as part of the series. The Facade is grid like, aluminum mulliums with powder coated aluminium infill panels. The shop contents are cool, the embedded photographs shows some ...
Roma in Drumcondra

Super Chip

This is Roma Chip shop in Drumcondra, It is an Architectural Study of order, Chaos, and of course chips. The facade is unified by a grid pattern that is reflected in a hierarchy of small shapes. The study shows the ambiguity of the picture plane, the facade is the main plane in the image, the ...
Lesson Bookmakers

The Bookies

This is from a series on shops with regular facades, The facades show divide that picture plain into a regular grid. The grid in a way provides a useful method of presenting the them of business and commercial. The documentary works at a number of level, it records daily lift: bets, G.A.A. lotto. IT also ...


One of the old style shops in the city, the shelving behind the owner contains imperial plumbing fittings. The stickers in the front of of " The dubs" .
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