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shop on dorset street

Family Shop

The family shop on Dorset street, The shop keeper can be seen on the top upper left of the picture, behind the largest row of sweets, the photograph is taken from the front entrance of the shop.
All Cash Gold

All Cash Gold

All Cash Gold, In on Parnell street, Again the Aluminium Mullions provide a framing composition to a mudane scene, AS with the other images in this series the image can be seen as a series of spatial planes. Almost like a theatre set, a frons scenae, the main plane is that of the glass. The ...

Tom Stanley

Tom Stanley, Back in the day when you could advertise cigarettes in a shop. This is A shop in Tallaght, I asked them if i could make a photograph of the shop. It was taken on a 5x4 plate with neg film ( 160nc Kodak). Ribena 3pk juice drink "Arggghhhh" , kinder surprise, cigarette, fanta, hula ...


Murphys grocery is right beside another more modern newsagents in Dublin. The shop seems to be from a bygone age. They seem to stock vast supplies of squeeze orange juice, and lyons tea. This was selected for Exhibition in the RHA annual Exhibition along with two other photographs.
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