• Ushers Island

    ” Snow is general all over Ireland” :  James Joyce’s short story ‘The Dead’ is set on the feast of the Epiphany in 15 Ushers Island 1904. The house was restored in 2002 by Brendan Kilty SC. This is a selection of photographs from the restoration.

    The house is described as ” dark….guant” by Joyce. The Dead plots the social geography of Dublin at turn of the 19th century . It is now over one hundred since the scenes in The Dead took place.

    The Dead was published as part of “Dubliners” his collection of short stories. The predominant theme of the collection is of “Paralysis” . Dublin is a remnant of the British Empire, once the second city in the kingdom. It is now a fading city. Joyce wrote that he wanted the final story in Dubliners to be a positive account of life in the city. The story tells of a party for friends, family and music students on the feast of the Epiphany. As the story unfolds to reveals the personal struggle of the characters, the story is filled with amusement, pathos and loss.

    More information is available here:  http://www.joycesdublin.ie/